Irrational JT Logo

A company trying to do so much at once it just does not make sense.

Who we are

Founded in Dayton Ohio, Irrational JT, LLC started out creating websites and applications for businesses in the Ohio area. As our technology experience and involvement in the Ohio business community continued to grow, so did the range of solutions we provide to our customers.

What we do

Well it's technical. Literally. Like with computers and stuff. Websites, Smart Phone Apps, Video, Audio, B2B and B2C Services, we dabble in a lot of areas.

Mobile Apps

We strengthen the ever growing industry of glass tapping and finger yoga.

B2B and B2C Services

Making computers talk to computers is easy. The best part about standards is there are so many to pick from.


We like to record things... mostly cats. Then put the pixels into the series of tubes.


A dash of Javascript here, a sprinkle of CSS there, and mix it all together with a healthy serving of XML. It's a piece of cake, and as we all know... the cake is a lie.